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Right Behind You
 Geez, been more than a year since I even looked at this journal, except to track down the ID's of acquaintances.  Eh well.

If you've tracked me here from haunted_daily , or if you happen to be a prior acquaintance with any remaining interest in my existence, I do what little blogging I do these days over at blogspot -- but my most active internet presence is at my portfolio website, The Devil's Virtue.  Stop on by some time.

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From the ever-lovin blue-eyed (and newly revamped, so worth a return visit if you haven't popped by in a while) lileks.com -- the Radiumscope.


Quote: The Radium in the RADIUMSCOPE, if preserved, will outlive you and many succeeding generations.

Not-quote:  Stick it right up next to your eye!  Hold it there!  Hours of fun!

"if preserved"?  How do you not preserve radium?

How many of these do you suppose were sold?
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So, I'm heading out from work, and going to Vulcan to return some videos and maybe pick up a couple more.  Some hippies I kinda-sorta know are out front and they ask if I can do 'em a favor.  Turns out there's this movie they really really want to see, but they haven't got a debit card to open an account and rent it, so they ask if I'd rent it for them.

I'm naturally like, ehhhnyehhh...but they give me ten bucks for it, and I figure, kay, what the hell, worst that'll happen is that they fail to return it -- I'm on good terms with all the Vulcan people and they're not going to be assholes like a certain major rental chain about it, I can probably pay for a lost video at a minimal price, or possibly just have it waived entirely.

So eh, I go into the store and ask the guy about this movie, called 'Around the Fire'.  He's real surprised, and points out this other hippie kid in the store, and says he just agreed to sell this same movie to her.  Apparently there's been a lot of asking about this flick.  It turns out that the store's copy has gone into their $1 tape bin because nobody was renting it, so the original hippies I was talking to end up with their very own copy.  I offered to return the $10, since I had not in fact done anything, but they told me to keep it.

Stranger yet was that these folks were really excited about this movie.  Apparently it wasn't at any other video store in town.  They were celebrating the obtaination of a copy.  I looked it up on IMDB and it appears to be a steadfastly average, starring nobody but featuring some people you've heard of.

So that was an...unusual sort of way to end the day. But I got $10 out of it, for doing nothing except walking into a video store I was going to anyway, and now I have a burrito.

Then I got home and fumbled a bar of soap straight into the toilet.  I'm still trying to decide whether dipping my hand into freshly-blued toilet water is worth more or less than the cost of a bar of Dr. Bonner's, factored by the inconvenience of not having soap.

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I'm almost 100% certain the last panel of this PBF strip has been amended since the first time I read it, but I can't recall exactly what the male book used to say...
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Haven't posted in a while, for the simple reason that I couldn't get a ^&*(%*(%(%(& net connection...I'd apologize, but it's not like anyone gives a shit.  ^_^

Anyway.  Usually I can figure out the general gist of lunacy / idiocy / automated generation / foreignness of a website.  None of this prepares me to figure out what in all HELLS is going on >here<.

*maybe* it's a non-English speaker's page?  Or some kind of AI gone totally wrong?  Almost all of these sentences are composed of English words, and constructed in something like grammar, but...I've seen stereo instructions more linear and comprehensible.

I searched for 'holmik', "poskulivala" and 'zadrala'.  The results shed  no light.  I haven't even figured out for sure what language these words come from.

This is actually less sensible than the joke about the blonde, brunette and red head.  Through what process of human agency has this page come to exist?

See ya.

p.s.  Ey mr. nihil...sorry I haven't called.  adapting to the post-Prozac self has been a...weird experience.  I'd like to hang out & play magic & discuss Potter at some time, but, I've been in a weird-ass headspace for awhile, and you'll probably need to call me to make it happen.

p.p.s.  I am so totally wasted right now, but at least I had fun hangin out and drinking with Bender downstairs instead of sitting here drinking alone, so that's positive.

p.p.p.s. do not ever, EVER ask what train of search led me to this page.

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Whoo doggy.  Read it.  Twice now.

Nothing I had expected, but everything I wanted.

Won't say any more just now.

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In 1987 Malcom-Jamal Warner made a video entitled "Show Off!: A Kid's Guide to Being Cool".

In this video, you will learn the secrets of the life of the party, from thumb wrestling and making funny faces to magic tricks.  And you will learn these secrets from Theo Fucking Huxtable, DJ Jammin' on the One, himself.

Tell me that doesn't rock, if not on the level of Mr. T's Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool, then at least in the same heavens.

This video has no IMDB entry and no Amazon page either, so good luck finding a copy.  It is entirely possible that Mr. Warner himself has purchased every remaining copy in order to burn or eat them personally.  To the tiny segment of people who have both the slightest chance of digging up this terrible thing and the bent disposition to try, consider this post the firing of the starting pistol.

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So I'm like totally broke now but I had to get out of the little box and DO something today, so I went and saw Pirates III.

Short reaction: it's a fun and audacious movie that plays around with a lot of really cool ideas, but unfortunately you also have to sit through the other hour and a half.

The feeling I came away with is a bit like having a bowl of cereal with only three pieces of really tasty banana in it.  Or perhaps more appropriately, like trying to surf on an off-weather day: you see a wave developing, heading your way, building up steam; and you get ready to paddle into it, and you're just about there and it's getting higher and higher, and the music is swelling and it's about to crest; and then it...just subsides...and flaps loosely at the shore, and instead of a swordfight or a sea monster, it turns out the scene is building up toward the English guy telling us AGAIN how he's got this heart and that makes Davy Jones his bitch, and you bob idly on your board, realizing how hot and sticky the weather is, and wondering why anyone would divide 20 minutes of Chow-Yun Fat screen time into 5 minutes fighting and 15 talking.

All that said, I didn't dislike the movie.  I suspect it'll benefit from repeat viewing in a lot of ways (once it reaches non-new-release rental) and I think it was worth the ticket.  Basically the film never drew me far enough in to forget about the roomful of fidgety, coughing strangers around me, and losing track of the real world for a while is more or less what I came for.

On the plus side, there was an extended trailer for Transformers, and -- whoa -- I mean -- they're like all, a jet flying and then it turns into a robot and drops down and then goes all jet again, and, and, like, it's Optimus Prime, man, but he's like real and there's an Autobot symbol on the shitty old car steering wheel and and and...No, seriously.  You know how at the beginning of X-Men 2 they do the teleporter-kicking-ass just right and show you why it's a cool concept?  Here's transforming robots.  I'm telling you, even if the trailer contains every single second of the movie that isn't pure suck, those thirty seconds are still worth the admission.  Man.

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Just getting in a little minor practice with Photoshop Elements.  It's like using Photoshop on a high difficulty setting.

Said a dirty word, he said a dirty word!

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Clearly, 50 Cent is going to need new flavors to keep his "Formula 50" beverage line fresh and clean, so I ran down to Marketing and had them noodle up a few proposals.
* Flava Flav Flavor
* Peppermint Abstract
* Ol' Dirty Blueberry
* Snoop Nogg (seasonal)
* Woo! Tang
* Method Mango
* Public Lemony
* Ice T, and, for select markets, Vanilla Ice T
* MC 90% Fruit Juice
* LL Kool Aid (lemon-lime)
* Blackarazzleicuous
All of these will of course be available in singles, or in the handy twopac.

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