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more awesome than anything - MEANWHILE...
Right Behind You
more awesome than anything

In 1987 Malcom-Jamal Warner made a video entitled "Show Off!: A Kid's Guide to Being Cool".

In this video, you will learn the secrets of the life of the party, from thumb wrestling and making funny faces to magic tricks.  And you will learn these secrets from Theo Fucking Huxtable, DJ Jammin' on the One, himself.

Tell me that doesn't rock, if not on the level of Mr. T's Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool, then at least in the same heavens.

This video has no IMDB entry and no Amazon page either, so good luck finding a copy.  It is entirely possible that Mr. Warner himself has purchased every remaining copy in order to burn or eat them personally.  To the tiny segment of people who have both the slightest chance of digging up this terrible thing and the bent disposition to try, consider this post the firing of the starting pistol.

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